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    Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
    Section A
    1. A) Excited.
    B) Pleased.
    C) Moved.
    D) Disappointed.(D)
    2. A) She hasn’t been well lately.
    B) She wants a technician to repair it.
    C) She feels unhappy without the TV set.
    D) She wants him to fix it at once.(C)
    3. A) He often complains about his job.
    B) He is not interested in office work.
    C) He likes his job very much.
    D) He does mind all the overtime.(A)
    4. A) Her mother did her hair.
    B) She inherited it.
    C) Her mother designed.
    D) Her hair is modeled.(A)
    5. A) Allen does twice as much work as the rest.
    B) Allen will do the assignment in two hours.
    C) Allen is very careless with his 澳洲幸运10work.
    D) Allen works twice as fast as the rest.(B)
    6. A) The man is looking for a book.
    B) The woman is a librarian.
    C) The book was of little help to the man.
    D) The book was of great help to the man.(A)
    7. A) 6.
    B) 15.
    C) 14.
    D) 29.(D)
    8. A) Maybe the invitation was too late.
    B) The man’s wife didn’t invite Margaret.
    C) Margaret promised to come, but later she changed her mind.
    D) Margaret will come any moment.(B)
    9. A) To go to bed.
    B) To check her family expenses.
    C) To stay upstairs.
    D) To rest for a while.(D)
    10. A) John is usually late.
    B) John will not show up.
    C) John will be there at eight-thirty.
    D) John is usually on time.(C)
    Section B
    Passage One
    11. A) Some piano pieces.
    B) Songs sung by African singers.
    C) A new kind of music.
    D) Music from different parts of the world.(D)
    12. A) Tenderness.
    B) Happiness.
    C) Love.
    D) Sadness.(A)
    13. A) How much people like sad music.
    B) Why music is an important form of art.
    C) How music expresses people’s feelings.
    D) In what way classic music differs from pop music.