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    Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)
    Section A
    1. A) See a doctor.
    B) Stay in bed for a few days.
    C) Get treatment in a better hospital.
    D) Make a phone call to the doctor.(A)
    2. A) The 2:00 train will arrive earlier.
    B) The 2:30 train has a dining car.
    C) The woman prefers to take the 2:30 train.
    D) they are gong to have some fast food on the train(C)
    3. A) She has been longing to attend Harvard University.
    B) She’ll consider the man’s suggestion carefully.
    C) She has finished her project with Dr. Garcia’s help.
    D) She’ll consult Dr. Garcia about entering graduate school.(D)
    4. A) Alice didn’t seem to be nervous during her speech.
    B) Alice needs more training in making public speeches.
    C) The man can hardly understand Alice’s presentation.
    D) The man didn’t think highly of Alice’s presentation.(A)
    5. A) It’s worse than 30 years ago.
    B) It remains almost the same as before.
    C) There are more extremes in the weather.
    D) There has been a significant rise in temperature.(C)
    6. A) At a publishing house.
    B) At a bookstore.
    C) In a reading room.
    D) In Prof. Jordan’s office.(B)
    7. A) The man can stay in her brother’s apartment.
    B) Her brother can help the man find a cheaper hotel.
    C) Her brother can find an apartment for the man.
    D) The man should have booked a less expensive hotel.(A)
    8. A) Priority should be given to listening.
    B) It’s most helpful to read English newspapers every day.
    C) It’s more effective to combine listening with reading.
    D) Reading should come before listening.(C)
    9. A) It can help solve complex problems.
    B) It will most likely prove ineffective.
    C) It is a new weapon against terrorists.
    D) It will help detect all kinds of liars.(B)
    10. A) Help the company recruit graduate students.
    B) Visit the electronics company next week.
    C) Get apart-time job on campus before graduation.
    D) Apply for a job in the electronics company.